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The Suzuki approach


The Suzuki approach, based on the so-called ‘mother-tongue’ method, differ from traditional methods of teaching instrumental music because it involves the student at a very early age, thus necessitating much participation on the part of the parent in the role of home-teach.

Begin as early as possible

Dr. Suzuki recommends that ability development begins at birth. Formal training may be started by age 3.

Move in small steps

-so the child can master the material with a total sense of success.

Parent Involvement

Suzuki piano classes presents a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the bond between parent and child. Either the mother or the father attends all lessons so that he/she understand the learning process, and can feel secure when working with the child as home teacher. 

Daily listening to recordings of the Suzuki repertoire

The more student and his/her home teacher listen to their recordings, the more quickly the student learns. This approach derives from the way all normal children learn to speak their native language.

Delayed Reading

Children learn to read after their ability to talk has been well established. in the same way, children should develop basic technical competence on their instruments before being taught to read music. Our teacher will start preparing the child to read music from the middle of Book 1 to ensure they can play by reading starting from Book 2.


Graded Repertoire

Pieces in the Suzuki repertoire are designed to present technical problems to be learned in the context of the music rather than through dry technical exercises. Every single piece is beautiful and the student is always ready for performance.

The purpose of Suzuki training is not to produce treat artists, but to help every child to find the joy that comes through music making. Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in a total environment of support; they develop confidence and self-esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline and concentration, as well as a lasting enjoyment of music, and the sensitivity and skill for making music.

Lesson Fee

Beginnerbook 1 up to  “Au Clair de la Lune”,  the 10th piece of Book 1 repertoire

 - £22 per week, 30 min private lesson

Later Book 1 and Book 2

 - £35 per week, 45 min private lesson

Book 3 and up

- £45 per week, 60 min private lesson 

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