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Jazz Piano

Jazz Piano for Beginner:

Fee:  £22 weekly, 30 min individual lesson (£10 for a 30 min trial lesson)

Target: Suitable for kids 5 years and adults, without any piano learning background. Our lessons will aim at developing the musical ear, memory and basic piano techniques of our students at the beginning stage, which are essential for Jazz Piano learning. 


Teaching Materials: Inspired by the Suzuki Method, Mr. Thomas created his unique teaching method for jazz beginner, the "Mother-Tongue Jazz Method" , with original arrangement of music sheets and demo recordings. Our students are playing real Jazz tunes starting from the first lesson (no more boring "exercise pieces"!)

Jazz Piano for Experienced Player:

Fee:  £35 weekly, 45 min individual lesson (£10 for a 30 min trial lesson)

Target: Suitable for kids and adults, with a playing level equivalent to ABRSM Grade 5 piano, or after completing all the Jazz Piano For Beginners materials.


Teaching Materials: Mr Thomas is experienced with helping Classical piano players to start learning Jazz. Details printed notes, original arrangement of music sheets and demo recordings would be provided in every lesson. This is the syllabus of the first 10 lessons:

  • Basic Swing Rhythm and Voice Leading

  • Basic Swing Comping, play from a Lead-sheet

  • Common Chord Progression and Scales in Jazz

  • What is "Jazz" and "Improvisation"

  • Roman numeral analysis of diatonic chords

  • How to interpret a Jazz melody

  • 2-note voicing, Jazz Blues tune "Straight No Chaser"

  • Blues Scale, Blues Ear Training

  • Improvising on a Jazz Blues tune using Blues Scale

  • Applying new 2-note voicing to another tune "All Of Me"

  • Chord Scales Improvisation

  • Improvising using Chromatic Approach notes.

  • Prepare to have Jazz Jamming of  "Straight No Chaser" and "All Of Me" with professional Jazz musicians

These are the recordings of my students playing with other professional Jazz musician in a public performance, after having 1-2 years of learning with Mr. Thomas.

Call now to book a
 30 min trial lesson for £10
+44 7869010305

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