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1x licensed copy in PDF format, will be sent by email upon purchased.


This Blues variation of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars was inspired by the "Twinkle Variation A" by Shinichi Suzuki.
The arranger Thomas Cheng is both a S.A.A registered Suzuki Piano Teacher, and a Jazz Piano Teacher as well. 

This 2-Piano arrangement series is good for Suzuki Piano teachers to use as a complement resources of Book 1, to introduce Jazz piano elements (improvisation, swing, etc), and to perform in the student recital.

There is an option for Piano 2 to improvise from measure 29 to 52. Or the player could play as written.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars - Jazz Up!

  • The licensed digital copy would be sent to you by email within 2 business days upon purchased.

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  • This 1x digital license was granted to you and your studio, for teaching and performing. Once you printed the first copy, the license would be on the printed copy, and it is not for further printing and photo-copying.

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