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Pre-Piano Course

Class schedule:  Every Saturday Morning 10am to 11am

Age:                       3.5 to 5 years old

Course Fee:         £60 per unit (4 lessons)



One of the parents are willing to learn the piano together with the child in the Suzuki Way (including those parents already have piano experiences) , the child should be a piano beginner, age of 3.5 or up


Class Objectives:

Suzuki Method, also called “Mother Tongue” Method, is a musical learning method that reference to and simulate how children learn their mother tongue. To let the children learn their mother tongue, all we need to do is carefully building up a language environment, then the children will pick up their mother tongue naturally and easily. For young children, family is the most important learning environment. In the classes, the parents would learn the beginning steps of how to play the piano beautifully. It helps to set a parental model, to build up a musical environment at home, and to learn how to help the child later in the music learning.


Role of the Parent in the class:

  • Observe with your child. By observing how other parents and children learn, you “learn how to learn positively” with the child.

  • Have “first-hand” experience of the beginning steps of piano learning, which are also the most important steps.

  • Learn how to drop notes during the lessons, in preparation for the next learning step: weekly private lessons and group classes 


The teacher will be observing in the class. If the tutor thinks both the parent and the child are ready, we will proceed to another learning step: weekly private lessons and group classes, usually after 2-4 units of Pre-Piano Course.


Class Plan:

  • There are music activities to enhance their

    • Ability to learn with their parent as a team

    • Sensitivity to sound and music​

    • Body balance, feeling of rhythm

    • How to sit at the piano​

    • Readiness of following instructions

  • Each parent would have their chances to learn to play the piano. The child would be observing.

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